Mika Raento

Exit Poll

How did that make you feel?

We will add mood buttons by the exits for the talks/sessions. You get to vote how the session left you feeling. Each mood will be linked to a color and a set of keywords. The keywords will be added to your public profile, thus voting modifies your presentation of yourself.

The colors people vote will be reflected in lighting outside the venue, so the exitor can relate their own reaction to the reaction of those around them.

The moods, colors and keywords will be session specific. There'll be something like 3 moods to choose from.

The physical interaction is meant to be unintrusive, a part of the process of walking out of the room: you reach forward and press your tag on a reader, keep it there until you get some feedback as you walk through. Like using an Oyster card on the tube.

We can use several people to brainstorm the moods and keywords. The idea is that the keywords become a playful part of the public presentation of the person voting, that they should feel that they can reflect their personality or preferences. Keywords could be like 'luddite', '2.0 fanboy', 'sceptic', 'blogger'.

The poll can be done in a more constructive way in the evening: You vote in the space, rather than when exiting it, allowing you to influence the ongoing event.

Open questions:

  • How can we modify the public profile? Can we add new modules to the basic profile page?
  • Are the public profiles looked at? How could we make them be?
  • We need a very accurate idea of what the sessions are about to pick good keywords. Who knows that?

exitpoll1.png -



  • 4 RFID readers
  • 1 macbook
  • 1 USB hub
  • DMX controller
  • DMX-controlled light(s)
  • Materials for a panel

Software that:

  • counts votes per mood/session in anymeta
  • records individual votes in anymeta
  • attaches the keywords to the person


  • panel physical design
  • Moods/colors
  • keywords associated with session+mood

Original idea, which doesn't work too well since the event is session-oriented and thus voting doesn't necessarily make that much sense:

We'll add YES and NO buttons by the exit of events that can be voted on. These will preferably include a display of the number of votes.

Peeps can see whether others liked/disliked the event, same for the ones presenting and performing.

We'll add weak connections to the social network for people who voted the same for the same event.

We can also add keywords to places and events, and add weak connections between the people who vote YES and the keywords related to the event.

Andy will rewrites this sexy later.