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Originating in the dark corners of the Amsterdam underground party scene, PIPS:Lab has conquered the theatre, pop and art world in the ten years of their existence. Using unstable media the multitalented group members have truly become masters of the unexpected. The computer is their mixing tool, blending music, theatre, film and a healthy dose of comedy into absurd media theatre, interactive installations, and surprise acts. A PIPS:Lab production never fits the expectations.

Creativity thrives when confronted with limitations, that's why PIPS:Lab works with dogma's: a PIPS:Lab project must always include multiple art forms, the audience must be involved using interactive techniques, fiction and reality are mashed up, the footage is always recorded live, high tec is made low brow, all elements of a show or installation (like wires, cables and screens) are visible on stage.

PIPS:Lab is totally self-made. They produce their own software, hardware, music tracks, stories and visuals. But no PIPS:Lab production is ever complete without the input of the audience.

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