Joost Janmaat / Partizan Publik, Christian Ernsten

Content call for Mediamatic Travel project

Let’s start digging in the global cultural underground!

Goodmorning Beirut, Harare, Buenos Aires, Yerevan, Tokyo, Napoli, Dubai, Aruba, Ramallah, Lima, Kurdistan, Capetown, Tbilisi, Sao Paulo, Rio, Shanghai, Ahmedabad, Portland, Prishtina, Kobe, Kabul, Sarejevo!


Greetings - from Armenia Joost Janmaat / Partizan Publik

As we mentioned before, part of the Travel Agency will be a mass distributed, glossy travel brochure. A somewhat tacky guide (in as much it follows the typical templates of your average mass tourism brochure) that serves as a inspiring entree into the cultural underground of numerous cities around the world.

To get us started, we would like all of you to make your first contribution. Make it as ambitious as your city seems worth off.

Big Five Lists

How would you characterize your city and its art, culture and nightlife in four top 5 lists? (for example: top 5 live acts/venues/street art pieces of Beirut, top 5 influential art manifestos published in Sao Paulo, top 5 grungy moonshine bars of Tbilisi, top 5 underground art spaces of Shanghai, top 5 zines of Detroit).


What five images would picture the cultural underground in your city? The wild, the new, the imaginative, the classical, the astounding; the five (only five!) pictures that frame the underground and are the unmmistakable and unique ingredients of culture in your city.


What are the essential accesoirs of underground identity? What makes a hipster, cool critic, punk intellectual, art star in your neighborhood? We would like you to get out of your comfort zone for this one an reassess the people around you for a moment; what are the five absolute must-haves?

These are just three formats that should get you started, and will enable us all to include your city in the Agency.

Funny and skull splitting intelligent; LEAVE YOUR LISTS AND REACTIONS BELOW!

Your sky team,

Joost, Merel, Christian