Mediamatic Fabriek

Our location from 2011 till 2014

Mediamatic has moved on average every 3 years.

Mediamatic is a gallery, project space, aquaponics farm and cafeteria. In December 2011 we moved part of our activities to the Van Gendthallen on Oostenburg, an island east of the city center. We call the space the Fabriek. In June 2013 we moved the rest of our programming and people to this location, a flexible space where we can experiment with new ways of building, growing and programming. We organize exhibitions, workshops, lectures, dinners and other events.


Visitors entering Mediamatic Fabriek - A group of people entering mediamatic fabriek during Drone Camping

Contact information

  • Mediamatic Fabriek
  • VOC–kade 10
  • 1018 LG
  • Amsterdam
  • NL