Eervolle vermelding El HEMA ontwerpwedstrijd 2007 Etty Elbaz Griffioen 1 Sep 2007

The Hamsa Colors

5 acryl colors to give your place a warm feeling


The hamsa colors - Etty Elbaz Griffioen

each color is related to the arabic world from another aspect like:

green mint
red henna
black coffee
white tahine
blue eye

The way the elements like : mint ,coffee ,hand etc are taking part of the design and that clean look.

people who enjoy colors

while painting im my studio i was looking for varnish
and it was from the hema. 1 look at the box and i knew ..........

paint,box and good print

i got the boxes and the print as they are all on display at the el hema exhibition.
but no i am looking for the paint to join!