Zsofia Ruttkay

Fascinated by projects on intersection of science, technology and the arts. My backgroudn is in mathematics and computer science (AI, graphics, genetic programming).

A mathematician by education and working as computer scientist, in these days I am fascinated by pulling together a new Bachelor education "Creative Technology" at a technological university. In this novel course we will nurture creative minds to make people's life more cheerful, to make an impact on society, and to increase awareness for global issues, by harvesting what ICT offers: touch displays, sensors, cross-media, and permanent connectedness. Actually, I see this as re-introducing the ideal of the Renaissance man in the digital age: interested and skilled in technology as well as in (some form of) arts, sensitive to phenomena in society, and driven to explore and create. It is also interesting to notice that many ideas of today did thrilled minds centuries ago.

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