2010 Mike Ballard

Whose coat is that jacket you're wearing?

Criminal behaviour, art, or both?

Criminal behavior, art or both? That is the question mostly asked about Mike Ballard's work. Nevertheless, during the exhibition it will be gracing our ceiling.


Mike Ballard - 'whose coat is that jacket you're wearing' - saron paz

Over a ten year period, Mike Ballard stole coats and jackets from London pubs and clubs. In October 2010, all this thievery culminated in an exhibition in London of the 200 stolen coats and jackets. Each coat and its contents were numbered and catalogued and displayed for reclamation to anyone who could give the correct details of the theft / pocket contents. Each coat was tagged with its catalogue number and a personal diary entry made on the night the items were stolen.

What remains of the original installation are the stories of the stolen coats, written on tags, which correspond with numbered index cards listing the pocket contents and a photograph of the coat. Climb up the ladder to find a story on one of the tags hanging from the ceiling and match it with the indexed card!

More information about Mike Ballard and his work can be found here.