Weak Signals, Wild Cards

A future exhibition in Amsterdam Noord

26 Jun 2009
26 Jul 2009

Over the water from Amsterdam Centraal sits Noord, the largest borough in Amsterdam. Home to a dissolved shipping industry, its ancestral memory a landscape of polders, farmlands, gallows and garden cities, it now stands at a threshold. As the planners and developers swing their gaze towards this huddled mass of rooftops, they see towers, cafés, and waterfront living.

Weak Signals, Wild Cards is a commissioning project and exhibition by the participants of de Appel Curatorial Programme 08/09. Set in Amsterdam Noord, it invites ten artists and a number of speakers from other fields to react to the given plans for the area and conjure a set of alternative futures. The artists have created works for and from their envisioned future contexts, while the speakers will foretell their imagined futures of Amsterdam Noord, from the perspectives of their expertise.

26th June (FRIDAY)
OPENING: 19.00-02.00; refreshments provided by Vrouwenbazaar and Vedett
After party with music from
22.00 - 22.45 The Routines
22.45 - 02.00 The Walk and Rogerseventytwo

14.00 Introduction by curators
14.30 Merijn Oudenampsen
15.15 Refreshments
15.30 Yann Toma
16.15 Design Negation
17.00 Refreshments
17.50 Lee Scrivner

Exhibition times: Wed-Sun, 12.00-18.00hrs
For locations and further information see website: www.weaksignals.nl


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