Hsien Yu Cheng 1 Jan 2011


Game installation

“Collector” deals with an artificial afterlife by means of attracting insects with a lamp and then killing them with a high voltage circuitry in order to transfer that essence into a virtual environment that makes up the collection.

(Note: This installation was in the exhibition until November 19th, 2011. It has now moved to the Piksel Gallery in Bergen, Norway.)


<Collector---Afterlife> - Installation as part of the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition. Hsien Yu Cheng

“Life is life, nothing about size. Even they are ants or small insects, life is still same as ours.”

In this project, HsienYu Cheng aims to reduce and magnify the scale of life. This installation can collect life and transfer it into a virtual environment to create a kind of afterlife. The virtual environment is a game called “life invader”. On the device, there is a display that shows the amount of lives collected by the installation, and this amount will be the user's lives in the game. So if audience plays the game and loses a life, the number shown on the display will be decreased. When the number turns to “0”, that means the installation has to collect new lives in order to continue with the game.


<Collector---Afterlife> at Mediamatic BANK - Part of Paddestoelen Paradijs . Anna Meijer

The lives being collected in this installation are the lives of the tiny little fruit flies that have been living in the Mediamatic Bank, attracted by the mushrooms growing there and the giant moldy tomato wall.

More information about this project can be found here.