Screening: 1 Jan 2011

Fungal Videos

A collection of found footage and own material

Besides books and artworks, numerous films and other recordings have been made concerning fungi. We made a nice selection of videos, shot some material ourselves, and are showing them in the exhibition space.


Projections - Projections of fungus growth Govert de Jong

Get up close and personal with various kinds of fungi and mushrooms. Watch carefully for the video of the parasitic fungus, cordyceps unilateralis, which latches onto an ant and begins to grow through its body, eating away at soft tissue, while leaving important organs in tact. Eventually the fungus forms growths in the host’s brain and manipulates the ant to die in an open location where the fungus can grow freely. Snuggle up with a Shiitake-beer or cappuccino. Within no time you'll be the man of the hour when it comes to mushroom stories. Great small talk material!

Some best bits from our mushroom hunting adventure. By: Elisa Grasso

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28th September 2011 By: Elisa Grasso

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Well it's not impossible... right?

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