Understanding the World Through Networks

6 Feb 2016
22 Mar 2016

Baltan Laboratories proudly presents four astonishing works by interactive designer Kim Albrecht, a visual researcher & information designer. Through his works, he visualizes networks, time, power-laws and processes behind complex systems and cultural artefacts.


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Kim Albrecht is a visual researcher & information designer: he’s interested in networks, time, power, processes to explore visual representations for these topics to produce and represent knowledge. Currently based in Boston USA, Albrecht is working at the Center for Complex Network Research as a visualization researcher. In this exhibition, Albrecht shows two interactive works and two printed ones.

Culturegraphy investigates cultural information exchange over time also known as ‘memes’. These networks can provide new insights into the rich interconnections of cultural development. The graphics represent complex relationships of movie references by combining macro views summarizing 100 years of movie influences. The macro view shows the rise of the self-referential character of postmodern cinema, while the micro level illustrates differences between individual movies, when they were referenced and by whom. The visualizations provide views that are closer to the real complexity of the relationships than aggregated views or rankings could do.

Besides Culturegraphy, other 3 works will be shown: Atlas of power-laws, Analysis of Space, Network Universe.

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