Esther Weltevrede

PICNIC 07 owned by hackers

Mediamatic RFID & Physical Computing Hackers Camp @ Picnic 07

Working long hours with hardly any sleep paid off really well. The projects lived up to the camp’s aim of creating fun and easy to use social RFID applications beyond expectations. During PICNIC the projects were very well received by the visitors, speakers and media and attracted a lot of attention.


happy faces @ iTea - Anne Helmond

All projects with the exception of the Connection Cushion were finished on time. If we would have had one or two more extra days it could have been done, but within the time span of four days it was unfortunately not feasible. The other projects were up and running at the beginning of PICNIC on Wednesday. Most of the projects had some updates and needed some trouble shooting during the event, but there were no big problems. Having that many projects up and running in a period of four days made everyone very happy and was more than expected beforehand. The group selected by Mediamatic turned out to be productive and very well balanced in expertise. Long hardworking hours were made and we had a lot of fun in the process. All participants had their own projects they were working on, but they helped out at other projects where possible. To end this report of a very successful hackers camp, a youtube movie taken at Pablos Holman’s talk about Implementing Science Fiction. Pablos was so kind to include the projects in his talk on the main stage: