Esther Weltevrede

Construction time #2

Mediamatic RFID & Physical Computing Hackers Camp @ Picnic 07

Another day of hard work at the hackers camp. All teams are working to get everything ready on time. Some projects are nearly finished and only need some fine-tuning or final assembling. The Westergaspabriek area is getting much more crowded. We are now at our new location in Zuiveringshal Oost.


Zuiveringshal Oost - Hackers camp relocated Anne Helmond

Jim is working on the badges for Badger. “Badger” is a word play on badges as in buttons, and badge, the mysterious animal. The idea behind Badger is each visitor gets an animal button. The button identifies you as one of the twelve animal types based on the keywords you filled in your profile. The aim is to increase socialization among visitors. You might like to talk to someone similar to you, but you might also like someone with another animal badge.


Badgers badges -

Mark is working on the code for this project. He has made sure the RFID tagged badges can be read, connect to PICNIC database, generate an animal according to predefined keywords and print it out. The software is completely ready. Only the display of the project on PICNIC needs some work.


badger works! -

The RFID Racket Reader is finished. Mark has been working on some hacker experiments to get the best RFID racket reader sound. This alarm clock experiment didn’t make it to the end product.


RFID reader alarm clock -

The buzzer defeats the alarm clock! It’s louder and more obtrusive.


RFID Racket Reader -