Xander Stolwijk

Project Manager @ Mediamatic Lab


Xander Stolwijk - Project Manager @ Mediamatic Lab

Recently graduated as Master of Arts in New Media at the University of Amsterdam. Currently working at Mediamatic Lab as trainee projectmanager.

During my studies I was, in the role of teamcaptain and researcher, engaged in the design and development of new media projects. For my bachelor study Media, Marketing & Publishing I translated off- and online publishing products into cross media applications, such as Mijn Volkskrant, a personalised
online news service that combines
offline media (a newspaper) and a
virtual news platform.

My fascination for nature, technology and innovation led me to investigate a miracle potion: "Effective Microorganism" (EM).
In my bachelor thesis I focused on generating publicity for a manual about the application and use of EM , a popular microbial technology developed in Japan.

At Medialab Amsterdam I worked on a QR-tag student campaign commissioned by job agency Randstad and Sparked. In this campaign we connected the physical to the virtual environment anticipating on the target groups behavior in an attempt to serve their needs at their convenience.

I am affiliated to an art project in collaboration with the Instituut Maatschappelijke Innovatie concerning the Biobased Economy in the Netherlands. The primary objective is to raise public awareness and spark a debate about this innovative and promising field by visual arts.