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Me being electrostatically fermented - The potential difference between my nostrils is speeding up the apple fermentation in the bottle Abbey MacPhee

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I started studying art and technology at the HKU, but switched to Physics and Astronomy at the UvA. Now doing a master's degree in Theoretical Physics, but taking half a year off to see if I can combine my two university experiences at Mediamatic.

About the project: Traditional distillation uses the fact that different liquids have different boiling (evaporation) points. Using this difference, the liquids can be separated. However, these boiling points can be quite high (e.g. ~ 78°C for ethanol), so the complex, often fragile molecules that constitute flavours and odours get destroyed in the process. Performing the distillation under low pressures lowers the boiling points, and leaves more molecules intact. This will, hopefully, result in distillates with a richer spectrum of aromas.


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