Megan Bishop

Brew Your Own Beer: Taste Notes

MABJeR - Gordita - Motor Oil

The final fermentation is over and the beers brewed in the workshop 2 months ago are finally ready to be tasted.


MABJeR, Gordita, and Motor Oil - Best enjoyed cooled with friends. Megan Bishop


French Wheat Saison, brewed by Megan, Amy and Kira.

This beer is refreshing, fruity (lemons, oranges), spicy, moderately bitter and with a dry finish. For this recipe they used wheat malt for tartness, some caramel malt for color and American hops to bring out the citrus and spicy flavours. A French yeast strain was instrumental in achieving the beer's characteristic flavour and aroma.


American Amber Ale, brewed by Monse and Bart.

An American Amber Ale is a modern American craft beer style which originated in Northern California as a variation from American Pale Ales. For this recipe they mixed an ale base with some caramel and crystal malts to create the famous golden colour and malty flavours. The American hops were added closer to the end of the boil. This way we get a more moderate bitterness and fresher aromas.

Motor Oil

English Stout, brewed by Rosa and Kim.

Milk stouts were developed in the early 1990s as a variation from the classic (more bitter) stouts. For this recipe they combined the sweetness of the lactose with the cacao flavour of the chocolate malt. British hops were added during the early and mid part of the boil to match the sugar content with the bitterness. A perfect balance is achieved in this stout.


MABJeR, Gordita, and Motor Oil - Labels designed and made by the brewers themselves. Megan Bishop

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