Francis Burgess

Aquaponics and Eco farming


Cape Town Sunset - Walking up the mountain 'lions head' next to Table mountain to watch the sun setting.

At mediamatic I am with the garden and aquaponics team. My goal here is to inspire and get inspired by people and plants, to be creative and let the ideas and graft flow.
The plan is to create a planting schedule for all of the plant boxes around Mediamatic: This will give food to the kitchen, beautify the area, improve the overall ecology by attracting pollinators and other organisms to the area. Lastly I will be continuing the 'Raising Doubts' exhibition.

Growing up in Cape Town in a small valley away from the city, surrounded by the most beautiful nature wherever I went, I developed a great love for the great outdoors.
Moving to Amsterdam in 2013 I started looking inside myself for my own truth, this led me to the idea and dream that one day I will be able to live off the land without having to work for money.
The first step was to learn how plants and organisms work together to grow and live in a symbiotic balance.
I am currently in my third year of my horticulture bachelor as HAS University in Den Bosch.
I have been vegetarian and Vegan for about one year each and I really love the lifestyle, I am the healthiest I have ever been, I am more passionate and creative with my cooking and my eyes are wide open to the realities of what processes the billions of animals have to endure every year. I hope to reduce my negative impact on the world around me and improve the positive.
I love to talk about philosophical ideas and how we can work together better as a species, I believe that taking our diet into consideration is one of the biggest points to improve the state of this little rock (called earth) we have to share.

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