Henk Groenendijk

Editor of Designblog and Interconnector


Henk Groenendijk - Henk Groenendijk

Henk Groenendijk is professor and researcher in Graphic Design, teaching at the departments like Graphic Design, Unstable Media and the Foundation Year at Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Graphic design at VCU Richmond, USA
He likes to see design education as a stimulating tool for dynamic development and the origin of conceptual design processes.
Since November 2007 he is working and developping the online course Design Theory and Research, which is organized as a blog. The participants – mostly foundation year students – try to accumulate and discuss everyday topics of design using this blog as a platform. As an education project Designblog is constantly publishing new content and reinventing it’s format. Not satisfied with the option of being a publishing platform only, it investigates all posibilities to become an engine aswell.
Recently he participated in the creation of Distant Learning, an online academic pre-course program for international students and was the first one to try it out as a teacher.
Along with Dima Stefanova, he runs the Amsterdam based studio Icecreamdesign.