Eat Future: November Program

Join us on Tuesdays for screenings and discussion!

Have you ever wondered what your breakfast would look like in 10 or 50 years? If you are a curious mind or simply love to eat, don't hesitate to join us! We will use examples of sci-fi cinematography to discuss topics related to the future of food and farming industry. Every Tuesday evening, 18:30, in Mediamatic's Haeckel Room.

Free Entrance
Before the screening you can grab a pizza at Mediamatic ETEN.


Martians 3b - Anisa Xhomaqi

8 November

EAT FUTURE no. 3: Get Fat or Die Trying / facebook

Follow the path of WALL-E in the recent Disney/Pixar movie (2008). We invite you to join our discussion on McDonaldization and problems of food waste in the modern world. Together with us, explore the traps of the consumeristic society.

EAT FUTURE no. 4: Cannibalism & Sustainability / facebook

Alarming news about overpopulation and climate changes in upcoming years have strongly influenced the imagination of many filmmakers and writers. The world "Soylent Green" (1973) is an example of a future dystopia. How can we live to avoid such a scenario? Come and share your opinion on sustainable dining and farming with us!

EAT FUTURE no. 5: Superhuman Diet / facebook

How can the science of cooking affect our diet in upcoming years? Can we enhance our bodies through the food we consume? We use "Dune" (1984) as a starting point for a discussion.

EAT FUTURE no. 6: Human Farming / facebook

Our worldview is determined by human position in the food chain. What will happen if we lose our top position and become an important source of nourishment for other species? We will try to find answers in the worldwide blockbuster "The Matrix" (1999).

every Tuesday, 18.30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

Coming Up

3 November - The body odour edition

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