Sam Humes

Aquaponics Maintenance & Design / Agricultural Design


in a vest in the woods -


I am a Masters student of Ecology and Evolution at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. I have previously studied Ecology and Environmental Biology at the University of Leeds. 

I am particularly passionate about sustainable agriculture which is why I work with aquaponics - an innovation which solves many (sustainability-related) problems associated with conventional soil-based agriculture. 

Therefore my primary role at Mediamatic is to maintain and improve the aquaponics system; finding the best ways to produce fresh food for the eatery. However I am also tasked with designing the external garden; finding the balance between food production and an aesthetically-pleasing display.

Other tasks have so far included the implementation of Bokashi bins (efficient fermentation units for organic waste); correspondence with Diana Scherer to organise her upcoming exhibition Spectrum Plants; organising plant box contents and design for the Raising Doubts exhibition; construction of the site for the upcoming Aroma Lab exhibition. 

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