Paved Paradise

curating the parking lot

26 May 2010
30 May 2010

In a project initiated by Art Amsterdam and the Basisburo, during a symposium on March 5, 2010, a group of students from the Rietveld Academy and the Reinwardt Academy have curated the exhibition 'Paved Paradise'.

“Paved Paradise is another universe we are creating at the P3 parking lot of RAI, Amsterdam. We are infiltrating Art Amsterdam by video surveillance. The art in the parking lot is flashed onto monitors in the actual fair. The artists focus on different aspects of the parking lot, including sound, light and physicality. The show develops through ‘keywords’ like mobility, surveillance and ugliness resulting in a 'Paved Paradise' at the parking lot in RAI, Amsterdam".


Paved Paradise Flyer - flyer design by Michel Keppel Sarah Birgitte Berckenkamp

Confirmed artists:

Peter Vink
Kaleb de Groot & Roosje Klap
Vicky & Ron
Alma Soderberg
Thijs Elich
The dogs of shame

Curated by:

Karoenja Woudenberg, David Benz, Luis Fernandez, Christine Platt and Sarah Berckenkamp. Mentored by: Maaike Gouwenberg and Maze de Boer.