Geke Van Dijk

Service Design Lab

A workshop to demonstrate the key ideas and processes of service design.

26 Sep 2008

Service Design has internationally emerged as a new approach to create integrated multi-channel services. Especially in the UK and Germany, design is called upon in ever more fields to provide a new people-centred vision and practice that can thoroughly humanise and innovate services.

From the very first stages of projects ethnographic research methods ensure that design teams empathize with the perspective of the people they design for. Many design disciplines and media come together in this new field, from architecture to interaction design, from mobile phones to newspapers. To innovate, organisations need to look at their customers more than their competitors nowadays. Service design shows how this can be done in practice. With this hands-on workshop PICNIC brings the service design approach to a wider audience for the first time in the Netherlands. The Service Design activity is organized in collaboration with local municipality Stadsdeel Westerpark.

1 – Welcome
2 – Three service design companies will briefly present a Service Design case-study in about 10 minutes each: STBY, 31 Volts and Design Thinking
3 – Hands on Service Design activity in collaboration with Stadsdeel Westerpark
4 – Presentation of the results of the activity
5 – Launch of the Service Design Netwerk Nederland and announcement of the international service design conference in Amsterdam, end Nov 08.

Initiators of the Service Design Netwerk Nederland:
- STBY, Geke van Dijk and Bas Raijmakers
- 31Volts, Marcel Zwiers and Marc Fonteijn
- DesignThinkers, Arne van Oosterom
- Eden Design & Communication, Joost Holthuis
- Amsterdam Innovatie Motor, Roger Reuver

This service design lab is supported by the international