Jon Wakeman

Would like to welcome you to Leeds!


Leeds, home and away! - This is Leeds' International pool. It is famous, in Leeds, for being built in the 60's by a corrupt architect and being two tiles thickness short of an international length. Unfortunately this classic building is now being demolished, so get here fast if you want to see it!! Jon Wakeman

Heard of Leeds United or the Leeds International Piano competition? but you wondered what else goes on here, we will try and guide you further and deeper into the muddle that is Leeds!

I moved to Leeds in the early 90's and set East Street Arts up with Karen Watson, since then we have become part of the furniture - often sat on but very useful...
We are involved in initiating all sorts of projects and events in and around Leeds as well as internationally, our favourite cities at present being Istanbul, Rotterdam and Dortmund... but less so Berlin nowadays...
Here I teach you how to make a Bloody Mary (badly!)Or would do if the code worked...

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