PechaKucha Night Amsterdam Volume 17

6 Apr 2011

The Japanese term 'PechaKucha' roughly translates as chit-chat or irritating chatter. As a happy crossbreed between an elevator pitch and speed dating, PechaKucha Night Amsterdam will present 12 participants who will show 20 slides for 20 seconds each. No more boring lectures, seminars or presentations. PechaKucha Night offers the audience the experience of a dazzling range of speakers and images in the course of one evening.

Breaks will be filled with drinks, funky tunes and visuals. We will astound you with fabulously inspiring presenters, great music to dance to and so many interesting people in one space at one time, you'll wish you had more time to speak to all of them!


Jan Knaap (ReclameArsenaal) at PechaKucha Night Amsterdam Volume 16 - Photo: Shane Shu. Jeroen Beekmans