Project: Chaveli Sifre

An eye for an eye

Money can’t buy you this art

An eye for an eye, a new series of works by Puerto Rican, Berlin-based artist Chaveli Sifre, consists of a collection of paintings and drawings depicting an array objects that the artist desires to posses - a cockatoo, a motorcycle, a lobster dinner. You could get one of her paintings by swapping it for the object depicted.


Paintings by Puerto Rican, Berlin-based artist Chaveli Sifre - In Mediamatic Fabriek during Ruilen exhibition Aleksandra Kalashnikova

In order to acquire any of the works, collectors had to barter, exchanging signifier for signified (see the theory of de Saussure). Through this process of exchange, Sifre directly correlated her artworks with their individual object-value, demystifying the arbitrary pricing of the art institution and visualising the objects of her desire.

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