IAM 2015

The future of the new media professional

In a future scenario workshop the Institute for Interactive Media (HvA) and her partners will explore the future of new media in 2015.


Time: 2 pm - 5.00 pm

- A word of welcome by Emilie Randoe, Dean Institute for Interactive Media and Institute for Computer Science at Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

- Introduction to the world of new media in 2015 by Krijn Schuurman

- Future scenario workshop by Remco Buisman (lecturer HvA and PhD-candidate UvA) and Marleen van de Werf (consultant at Futureconsult, www.futureconsult.nl).

- Reflection on the created futures and their impact on the reality of today by Emilie Randoe.

When people think about the future they tend to think in certain trends. This scenario workshop is a way of thinking about the future in non-conservative terms, and it attempts to implement uncertain trends in the image of the future as well. By creating several plausible scenarios for 2015 we will gain insight on the fast changing mediascape for the future.

Subsequently the participants will analyse the impact of each created future scenario on the skills which are required to work within this specific domain.

The outcome of this future scenario workshop will result in a white paper, which will be made available for all attendees.

Contact info:
Marianne Spier
T: +31 20-595 18 59
E: m.l.spier@hva.nl
I: www.iam.hva.nl