Ronald Lenz, Peter Troxler

Locative Lab - Social Networks

Social Networks with a Meaning and a Purpose

26 Sep 2008

Social Networks have an online history of just over 10 years, with the last 5 years seing a massive increase of initiatives. '6 degrees apart' is anybody from anybody else (Weinreich), and distance is measured by direct connections. Social Network Analysis adds the aspect of strong and weak ties in 1-on-1-communications. Tagging and content analysis adds the semantic dimension.

This workshop provides the participants with a first hand, physical, real-time experience of a semantically rich social network -- using no other technology than pen and paper, the most direct extension of human expression and memory.

More than that, the workshop will explore how to build meaningful networks and how to explore them in a business context -- think of open innovation or creative business ecosystems.


13:30 Welcome and Introduction
14:00 context: Amsterdam Living Lab
14:15 Visual Power Networking (1)
14:45 context: ParQ, IYouIt
15:30 Idea Market and Knowledge Café
16:30 Securing the results, feedback, summary
17:00 end

The workshop will lead participants to discuss potential applications of semantic network analysis to real-world networking challenges, such as business networks in a Living Lab setting, social networks in an online community, and the familiar stranger scenario of random encounters in a public park.

(1) The method is published in the Online Book Hands-On Knowledge Co-Creation and Sharing: Practical Methods and Techniques, which is available at

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