Amiga CD32, 1993

Game: Lemmings

The Amiga CD32 was the first 32-bit CD-ROM based video game console. It was released by Commodore. Despite being a very powerful machine, way ahead of its time, the CD32 was never a big success. Some blame Commodore.


Amiga CD32 - The Amiga CD32, was the first 32-bit CD-ROM based video game console, first announced at the London Science Museum on 16 July 1993. It was released in western Europe, Australia and Canada in September of the same year. Photo by Bilby from wikipedia .

Lemmings is for those who like a good puzzle: maneuver the lemmings through different levels, and save them from a brutal end.

We would like to thank Adriaan van Roeden for lending us the console on show during the Arcade exhibition.