The Naked Poodle

Don't give a presentation - put on a show.

The Naked Poodle is a mash up of a pressure cooker brainstorm session, speed dating, simultaneous chess, a rap battle and a Free Fight gala with a touch of theatre. In three rounds twelve creative teams challenge each other to conquer a pressing social issue. Meanwhile they are aided, agitated, rushed, confronted, interrogated and challenged by three influentials. These infamous writers, designers, directors, architects and other gurus barge through the mosh pit from one team to the other. Big Brother cameras record the teams' efforts and instantly send their images to the large screens in the "Transformatorhuis", bringing the pressure to a boiling point. At the end of each 30 minute round an on demand mini-zine with the result of the creative rumble rolls out of the printer: an instant collector's item . The exhausted participants are then carried out of the ring to be replaced by four new and fresh teams.

The Naked Poodle is an initiative of Fabrique Communication and Design, based in Delft and Amsterdam, in cooperation with Usual Suspects, specialist in experience marketing, events and communication. Fabrique and Usual Suspects want to unmask, face, reveal and inspire by showing the naked creative process, devoid of stale ideas, paradigms, practical objections, rules, regulations and other constraints .

The three rounds of The Naked Poodle take place in the Transformatorhuis on Thursday 27 September at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00h.

The Naked Poodle is powered by Adobe, HP, Modo van Gelder, Plant Internet Solutions, Van Straaten and Wacom.

Contact info:

Fabrique communicatie en design
oosterdokskade 5
1011 ad amsterdam
(oude delft 201
2611 hd delft)

Marcel Kampman