BGIn Meeting


Morning session by Ex Machina (see partner event "Games meet TV")

14.00 - Welcome and introduction - Tommy Goffin (BGIn)

14.10 - Workshop on Audio and Games - Tom Pearce (BGIn / Streamline Sound) - Tom Pearce will show the audience the impact of audio in a game and what it takes get it in there.

15.10 - Case study on W!'s latest title on the PC and Wii platform and the opportunities towards cross-media deployment for this - Jan-Pieter van Seventer (W! Games)

15.35 - Expanding the on-line games community off-line
Jimmy van der Have (Sanoma Men's Magazines) talks about how the Dutch games community innovated by going analog.

16.00 - Presentation of the entertainment and media outlook by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

16.30 - Coctail hosted by PWC

BGIn is an independent nonprofit organization committed to the stimulation and development of a stable and vibrant Benelux videogames industry with a focus on business, education and community.

BGIn provides a key platform for collaboration and discussion with partners and the organization's role is to facilitate cooperation and communication with governments, companies, educational institutions, and financial institutions. It is crucial that all parties involved unite in a cooperative foundation which amplifies the power of members on regional, national, and international level.

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