zoe adamovicz

Hello :-)
I'm a grad in computer engineering and in sociology and aesthetics - the two worlds that I have always been in between of.
I'm specifically interested in communication phenomena and complex system (love is one case that I'm specifically into!) so naturally I became interested in Luhmann's concept of emergent systems. Some years ago I shifted my focus towards mobile media, which recently resulted in my engagement in the Mobile Monday network (www.mobilemonday.pl) and most importantly in VULEVU! - the mobile twitter for dating! :-)

These days I'm mostly busy with Vulevu!! :-)

It is the dearest pet project of mine, the hottest startup best described as TWITTER FOR DATING!
So as a twitter addict and a mobile addict - I'm an addict to Vulevu :-)

It is a mobile dating service, targeting the young, fast paced singles in urban areas. Vulevu is making dating mobile, on-the-go and instant. It’s all about speed!

Vulevu is a service that can be used entirely on the mobile phone, over a wide range of mobile interfaces (iPhone, Android, Mobile Web, SMS, MMS, etc.). The mobile end is accompanied by a BEAUTIFUL, LOVABLE website.