Do those who demand respect call for equal rights? Or for more than that?

Strictly speaking, respect always means the honoring of equal rights, but by respect people usually mean a certain esteem or even admiration they would like to receive from others. The question is: how does someone earn it? Can they? Either you are respected or you aren't. Through intimidation, acting, exemplary behavior?

Equal rights is a matter of rules; awe and admiration aren't. One could say that if you don't grant others equal rights, you don't deserve them yourself. That's the intrinsic meaning of the word equal. Awe and admiration are other matters. The other isn't obligated to admire you. But is obligated to recognize you as an equal, no matter how different you are.

Were good manners invented as a neutral medium to offer the facade of mutual respect? Of good manners you again could say you don't deserve them if you don't manifest them yourself. Or are good manners always right, even in the face of brutes?