WatSpinoza? in Kocaeli

What do you think God is doing right now?

21 May 2012
28 May 2012

WatSpinoza? ignites public discussion by asking questions based on Spinoza's writings. Mediamatic formulated the questions together with writer/philosopher Dirk van Weelden. In May 2012, 16 questions were posted around the campus of Kocaeli University in Izmir, Turkey. People could respond to the questions through watspinoza.nl and through Facebook. The project is a gift from Amsterdam to Kocaeli.


WatSpinoza? in Turkije - Posters van het WatSpinoza? project in Turkije. 21 - 23 mei, Kocaeli

This year Spinoza is the theme of Kocaeli University's annual international philosophy conference. Amsterdam major Van der Laan will speak during the conference (May 21 - 23) on Spinoza's contribution to the development of Amsterdam. The project is a gift from Amsterdam to Kocaeli.

Baruch Spinoza

Baruch Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher of Jewish descent who lived in Amsterdam in the 17th century. He was banished from the Jewish community as a result of his radical philosophy and moved away from Amsterdam. His famous work Ethica, published post-mortem, contains some of his most controversial ideas about God and the nature of the human spirit.


The project WatSpinoza? demonstrates that Spinoza's ideas are still topical.
You can respond to the questions on watspinoza.nl and on Facebook.