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21-11-2008 Any Media Documentary Workshop- IDFA 2008

In the run-up to the IDFA Festival, the Any Media Documentary Workshop will take place for five days. Participants are challenged to apply new media techniques in their documentary practice, from GPS systems to visualizing online data. Instructors Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Florian Thalhofer, Louise Berg and Jacob Schillinger will assist the filmmakers. Keynote lectures will be given by Cassian Harrison, Esther Polak, Erik Borra and Alexandre Brachet. On the last evening the results will be presented to an audience.
Participants: Holger Mohaupt, Romana Zajec, Ana Fratnik, Mark Pedley, paul thwaites, Marjolijn Ruyg, Eveline van Dijck, Daniela Paes Leão, Saskia Korsten, Joyce Treasure, Lucie Boucek, Menno Grootveld.