Mies Raadgever

Graphic Design


Portrait Mies Raadgever -

Design Academy Eindhoven, Amersfoort, Ginger, finds pleasure in perfect color combinations, unusual material combinations and absurd stories. Lives in a 10 square meter room with 6 plants. But rather would be living in a big industrial place with dozens of plants close to nature. Likes to illustrate, hike through the mountains, singing to my favorite songs while making perfect looking dishes, collages, beer. Would like to go vegan but cannot give up yogurt in the morning. Spends most of her free time along with friends at festivals to escape the daily rut.  Likes absurd movies and books, such as Moonrise Kingdom and Pipi Langstrumpf. Would like to live an absurd life herself, but is most of the time a bit too careful.

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