Philipp Kolmann


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Born in Austria, Philipp Kolmann is now living in the Netherlands. Trying to find a way how to combine his fascination for Food, Art and Design within multi sensorial experiences. While studying at Design Academy Eindhoven, Philipp started working in high end restaurants, inspired by their chemical and biological processes.

Food has the possibility to reflect culture - its site specific biospheres are including all of our senses. This interest brought him to the Edinburgh food studio in Scotland in 2016. He was then able to get a deep insight in a kitchen that reflects its nearby terroir, collaborates with local producers and supports research that looks at food beyond the edge of the plate. Recently Philipp graduated the Food Non Food department at the Design Academy Eindhoven and has since explored the culinary traditions of the Swiss Alps while working as a Shepard. Now back in Eindhoven he is further exploring the realm of, smell, taste, bodily experiences and what it is to be human.

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