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Han van der Vegt (1961) is a poet and a translator. He specialises in long narrative poems.

 So far, he has published six poetry collections, the last of which is Navigation Systems, which includes a walkthrough for a fictional computer game and a Grail Quest by SUV. His best-known poem is probably Exorbitans, a science fiction epic that is also issued as a spece opera on cd, with music by Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen. It narrates the journeys of the spaceship of the same name, which meets a people with detachable souls, the superfluous creators of the universe and the human brain in its original habitat.

Van der Vegt has translated books by for instance Virginia Woolf, Seamus Heaney and Derek Walcott. He has also transferred seventeen-century pornographic novels into modern Dutch in the collection “The Outspoken Mistress”. 

At this moment, he is working on a science fiction novel about Julius Caesar, “A Brighter Sun”.

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