Valienska Magfira, Lucie Majerus

Save Your Pearly White Teeth

Human Ivory by Lucie Majerus

Ivory as a material from animal tusks might still be a luxury material. But it’s controversial aspect makes it distasteful and old fashion. Instead of valorising ivory tusks as a prized possession, designer Lucie Majerus offers an alternative; human ivory...from our teeth!


Human Ivory collection by Lucie Majerus - This photograph is from Lucie Majerus's official website . Lucie Majerus

The primary medium of this ‘ivory’ is human teeth which have been shaped and polished as pearls as well as other quintessential shapes. The design uses principles of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which is a cherishment of modesty and imperfections. Lucie upcycles the natural human ivory into elegant jewelry pieces to bring value to our own materials though imperfect they may be from other materials, from animals or factories.

When you think about the usage of teeth as accessories, you may think of the necklaces filled with raw teeth. There is something primitive and perhaps even sentimental about such accessories. That being said, it can also come as off-putting for some people. The concept itself can be applied to Human Ivory, but as a designer, these ‘primitive’ accessories are just a tad more aestheticized whilst the material’s natural imperfections are still maintained.

You can read more of Lucie Majerus's work on Human Ivory on her website.