Pure Gold

Audio-visual pee installation by Kamiel Rongen and Mediamatic

18 Sep 2015

It's an artwork, but you can use it. Pee in our urinals while enjoying the musical background and the hypnotising videos by Kamiel Rongen. We are happy to collect your fluid contribution and create a powerful fertiliser for our park.


Pure Gold installation - A micro cosmos, breathing, growing and dancing. Pure Gold is an installation by audio-visual artist Kamiel Rongen and Mediamatic. It consists of five different videos, projected on five windows on the façade of the Mediamatic building on the Dijksgracht. Kamiel Rongen used his own urine to create these videos. While peeing one can watch his work. Liz Kunst, Kamiel Rongen, Mediamatic Foundation

Pure Gold Installation

Five urinals and five video screens are placed against the façade of the Mediamatic Biotoop. The screens display audio-visual artworks created by Kamiel Rongen and with the urinals we collect the urine kindly donated by visitors. Whilst the films may appear digitally created, they are entirely natural and use a most natural ingredient; the artists' own urine! Taking inspiration from the softer golden colours of urine, Rongen froze his urine before adding it to many different types of oily substances. The ice, pee and oils all react with each other to create a world where gravity constantly changes, and Rongen organically follows these reactions. To make the experience complete, Rongen composed soundscapes to accompany the act of peeing.


Collecting tanks - This is were we collect all the urine donated by generous visitors with full bladders. One one side rain water, on the other pee: their combination is the fertiliser for our plants Rutger de Jong

Using Urine in Smarter Ways

Various institutions around the world are beginning to prove the usefulness of this resource that we can all access but often ignore. Experiments have shown that urine can be used as an effective fertiliser, providing an alternative to expensive and harmful chemical fertilisers.

Most of the urine you produce is water, but at least 5% is comprised of the macro- nutrients most gardeners are familiar with; Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (as well as some trace micro-nutrients). Whilst the actual composition of your urine will vary due to diet, generally your urine is a well-balanced nitrogen rich fertiliser straight out of your body!

How We Use Your Donation

Once collected, we store the urine for a while to kill off any harmful pathogens. Next we dilute the urine with water and then it is ready for use! There are a variety of application methods; we simply use a watering can to apply the urine directly to the soil of our plant boxes (avoiding the leaves and fruits).

This installation has impacts that ripple beyond our local project. In developing regions diverting wasted urine to fertiliser can have a significant economic value. Immense benefits can be recognised at the individual level, and can scale all the way up to industrial operations.

So, since you produce something every day that can be helpful to the environment, the earth and people the world over, you can help us by peeing in our urinals! Our installation makes it even more wonderful.

About the Artist

Kamiel Rongen is an audio-visual artist who often goes by the name of Hyde Park; a title he uses as a synonym for landscapes in all shapes and forms. He creates an experience through the use of music and film, combining the two in surreal kaleidoscopic landscapes produced with chemical and organic components filmed within a fishbowl.

Pure Gold by Kamiel Rongen and Mediamatic
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Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam