June Yu

Event Prices Calculation

A Guide for Pricing


not that hard math -

Ticket types

For most events, we offer four types of tickets. 
Web Presale Full; Web Presale Discount; Door full; Door discount;

Price Convention

Web Presale Full + € 2.50 = Door Full;
Web Presale Discount + € 2.50 = Door Discount;

We prefer psychologically "rounded" numbers in pricing: #; #.25; #.50; #.75 are possible prices;
After setting the price, announce the price on the website as such: (for example) 
Tickets: Regular: €7.50,-  | Students: €5.25,- | Door: €10,- | Door students: €7.75,-

In Stager, the price per ticket for web Presale ticket need to be deducted €1. €1 is declared as administration costs (and is what we pay to use stager for web sales).
For example: if the Web Presale Full/Regular price is €7.50, on stager should be set €7.50 - €1 = €6.50

Again, On Stager for web presale tickets:
Stager presale ticket price + €1 administration cost = Website Regular price
Stager presale discount price + €1 administration cost = Website Students price

For the door tickets, stager automatically adds the 2.50€ as a door fee. That means:

Stager regular door price - €1 administration cost + 2.50€ door fee = Door Full price

Stager discount price - €1 administration cost + 2.50€ door fee = Door Discount price


Have Fun stagering!