Bryce Steba


Bryce Steba - Amsterdam based head chef and food artist. Photo by  Berbe Rinders. 

Bryce Steba (1989) is a chef who’s love of Amsterdam is only rivalled by his love of food. His culinary career began aged sixteen when he became a part time dishwasher in a restaurant in Lelystad where he was living. After a taste of life inside the kitchen, he was hooked.

He has developed and refined his art over the last twelve years by training and working and as a souschef at Baritalia, before excelling in his position under Jean-Joel Bonsens (Christophe* - Paul Bocuse commis) at the former Restaurant Vandemarkt. Here he continued as a souschef before giving workshops at De Librije.

It was then that an exciting opportunity arose, to be part of a new enterprise called “Pesca” (soon to become the “best fish restaurant of Amsterdam” on Tripadvisor) and this time, as Head Chef.

After winning several hospitality awards it was once again time for a change and new challenges. Bryce has begun again to work on his own concepts and ideas, including creations for the Neo Futurist Dinner 8 here at Mediamatic.

In his own words:

I think in Amsterdam we have the freedom to express who we want to be… In the kitchen of Mediamatic there is a freedom to experiment on a level that we can actually push boundaries. Because, why are the boundaries there in the first place? I talked about Neo Futurist Dinner 8 with my mom, friends and colleagues and  said to them: “I will do a dinner...with human blood, what do you think?” The reactions went from “Are you crazy?” to “Yes! What a creative challenge! Go for it!”