September '18 – December '21

Anne Lakeman

Event and Programme Manager


Portret - Anne Lakeman

With: Anne Lakeman

After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie from the Photography Department and moving on from the Management Team at Cultureel Centrum 't Fijnhout, I ended up at Mediamatic as the Event and Programme Manager in 2018.

At Mediamatic I was responsible for guiding and programming events and workshops together with Iines Ramark, Julia van der Veen, Sjoerd Houben, Elise Chalcraft and Anne Hofstra. Together with Jans Possel and Willem Velthoven we aim to create events that question urban narratives and amplify multi-sensorial exploration.

My main interest is (interdisciplinary) collaborations, people and the stories they carry. I do this with a stoïc, yet empathic work ethic.

I am proud of the cross-pollination that takes place at Mediamatic. Where we learn by Maria Montessori's view, the 'teach me to do it myself', but then together. Self-sufficient collaboration.

I am proud that we are a place that strengthens, enlarges, complements and amplifies. I am proud that we are a team that strengthens each other.

I am proud that we enthuse so many young people to think in all directions and that we give them the opportunity to work before they graduate.

I am proud that we sometimes make people think with their noses and look with their ears.

I am proud that we organise events where everyone can feel at home.

I am proud that we zoom in on the smallest, sometimes invisible things and make them matter.

I am proud that I learn something new every day.

I am proud that we listen to plants.

I am proud that we set the bar high and the threshold low.

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