Miguel Matos

Fragrance curator | Self-taught perfumer | Journalist

Miguel Matos likes to see himself as a fragrance curator, investigating the possibiilities of perfume as contemporary art

His works have been shown in exhibtions and other multimedia projects, and he has created shows for the Art & Olfaction Institute in LA and the Casa da Cerca Contemporary Arts Center in Almada, Portugal, besides having his own studio/gallery. He is one of the editors and writers of Fragrantica.com. His articles have been nominated for the Fragrance Foundation Awards and the Perfumed Plume Awards. Miguel wrote the books ´Portuguese Artists in Direct Speech', 'Making the Body Think' and 'The Perfumed Zodiac'. As a creative director, Miguel collaborated with perfumer Sven Pritzkoleit in a capsule collection of 4 perfumes within the SP Pafums brand. Miguel is also a self-taught perfumer, having created fragrances for Sarah Baker Perfumes and Nishane. He recently launched his own line of fragrances, Miguel Matos Perfumes.

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