Common corn-cockle

Agrostemma githago

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Common Corn-cockle - You do not feel fundamentally lonely Answer to the third of the thirty questions part of the Twijfel Zaaien/Casting Doubts project. Latin name: Agrostemma githago Artist family: Romantic Colour: Blue Tuin Joop

The seed is diuretic, expectorant and vermifuge. Minute amounts are used medicinally. It has a folk history of use in the treatment of cancer, warts etc. The plant is not used in allopathic medicine, but it has been found efficacious in the treatment of dropsy and jaundice if used for long enough. Some caution is advised, see notes above on toxicity. A homeopathic remedy has been made from the seeds. It has been found useful in the treatment of paralysis and gastritis. Source: