Nadja Nolte

Clean Lab Researcher and Workshop Management Assistant


Nadja Nolte -

Practicing designresearch with microorganisms, being passionate 
about teamwork and strongly believing in knowledge sharing.

After starting to work with mushroom mycelium in 2018
I got absolutely fascinated by it so
I together with friends founded the BIOLAB initiative
at my artschool in Kassel, Germany.
We developed an environment with DIY Lab equipment
to offer students the chance to work with
microorganisms. Starting from that initiative we
now have a fully equipped lab and a network
reaching up to the Netherlands. Being at mediamatic
offers me the chance to dive deeper in the
cosmos of bacteria, mushrooms and co, exploring
their potential with an emphasis on future materials.

I am a teamwork-activist and strongly believe in the
power of collaborative, interdisciplinar, intercultural,
just any type of working togethere especially when it
comes to complex matter such as in the sector of
sustainable living.


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