All the information about the Garden

At Mediamatic grow over 200 different plants. Just like precious artworks the installation „Hortus Dijkspark“ displays them. In that way you not only learn how to distinguish the plants from one another but you also get to know all about their purposes. 25 icons shown on the signs explain the medical use of each plant.

How to maintain the growbeds:

  • Make sure every growbed is numbered.
    A physical sign with the right number should be attached on the frontside of the box in the upper right corner. In case you need a new growbed sign, you can find the file here: 

    Kantoor > 0-Stichting >  0-Graphic Design > 35 - Plant Sign > PLANTS > Growbed Signs >

  • Keep track of the boxes’ order.
    In case boxes are moved, change their location on the map:
    (Kantoor > Stichting > Graphic Design > Plantsigns > PLANTS > Map)

  • Get updates on what’s growing in the garden with Leoniek (More knowledge)



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