FAQ Bon.

Mediamatic gift card

For how long is my Bon. valid?

From the moment of purchase, the voucher is valid for 13 months.

Can I use the Bon. as a reduction of the total price and pay the difference?

Yes, you can. You can pay the difference at the start of the event you are visiting. 

Can a Bon. be used more than once?

No. We are not able to scan your gift card multiple times. The prices of our Bon. are designed to buy you workshops, dinner, or lectures.

Can I use more than one Bon. for a purchase?


How can I check my Bon. balance?

Our Bon. does not work with a balance. It is a one-time use gift card. 

Can a Bon. be used in the online shop?

Currently, our system does not support buying posters and t-shirts with a Bon. in the online shop. However, you can buy these with a Bon. at our location. Any event, lecture or workshop can be purchased online with the Bon.

Can I apply other discounts to my Bon. purchases?

No, discounts do not apply when using our Bon.

Can I get a physical copy of the Bon.?

Yes, you can. It can be printed out and folded.

What can I buy with this Bon.?

You can buy a ticket to attend our workshops or lectures. But it can also be used at our restaurant. 

What happens if I have a couple of euros left on the Bon? Can I get that difference in cash?

Unfortunately, we are don't do cashback. Therefore, if you want to attend an event that costs 70, we recommend you buy two Bon. of 10 and 60, for example.

If I lose my Bon., what happens?

If you happen to lose the Bon., check with the person that gave it to you. The same Bon. can be reprinted multiple times. In case they do not have the email anymore, we can easily look it up in our system.

Can the Bon. be used at different locations?

No, the Bon. is a Mediamatic-only gift card. 

What are the terms and conditions of the Bon.?

See our ticket terms and conditions here


Bon. - Mediamatic gift card Koop een bon voor je vriend, familie lid of collega en laat hen zelf kiezen wanneer en waaraan ze deze wil besteden. Mogelijkheden zijn onze leuke workshops, lezingen of lekker plantaardig uit eten. Kijk op onze website voor ons aanbod en mogelijkheden.  Federica Lombardi, Louis Riesterer