Louis Riesterer

Mediamatic Bon. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


The date on the Bon. website says 1st of January 2025, what does that mean?

Your Bon is valid for a year after your purchase date. Our system currently does not support an ongoing gift card hence the future date. When you exchange your Bon, we will look at the purchase date.

The workshop, lecture, or restaurant bill exceeds the gift card amount. Can I use the Bon as a reduction of the total price and pay the difference?

Yes, you can.

Can a Bon be used more than once?

No. We are not able to scan your gift card multiple times. Our prices are designed to buy you workshops, food, or lectures.

Can a Bon be reloaded?

No. But you can buy a new card once you have used your former gift card.

Can I use more than 1 Bon for a purchase?


How can I check my Bon balance?

Our Bon does not work with a balance. It is a one-time use gift card. 

Can a Bon be used in the online shop?

Currently our system does not support buying posters and t-shirts with a Bon in the online shop. You can buy these with a Bon at our location. Any lecture or workshop can be purchased online. 

Can I apply another discount to my Bon purchases?

No, you cannot apply other discounts to the purchase you made using our Bon. 

Can I get a physical copy of the Bon?

Yes you can. It can be printed out and folded. 

What can I buy with this Bon?

You can buy a ticket to attend our workshops or lectures. But it can also be used at our restaurant. 

What happens if I have a couple of euros left on the Bon? Can I get that difference in cash?

Unfortunately we are unable to give you the difference back in cash, we suggest you spend the full amount. 

If I lose my Bon, what happens?

If you happen to lose the Bon, check with the person that gave it you. The same Bon can be reprinted multiple times. 

Can the Bon be used at different locations?

No. for now the Bon can only be used at Mediamatic Biotoop.