The Partnership Launch & MM started a partnership in December 2019.

Who is

First of all, they are our neighbours! So do not hesitate to pop over to the co-working space if you have any question. But more importantly, is a platform that offers workshop's on a global scale. As we are neighbours and MM is a center that hosts workshops, both parties saw that a mutual benefit could arise.

So, we now gave the permission to sell & promote MM workshops onto their page.

How does it all work?

 For the current workshops that we had, we sent the templates of each workshop. This allowed them to copy the information, and use the images and embed it within their website. 

If new workshops come into play, then you can repeat the process. Always cross check after with, to make sure the info is the same.

What is the deal we have with

 The current deal we have with is the following:

  • has our workshops on their platform.
  • will sell a certain amount of tickets for us, 2-5. Once customers buy tickets, they register this via stager. Allows MM to know the expected number of people coming.
  • sells tickets at normal price.
  • keeps a 10% commission fee.
  • will create campaigns: video documentaries, google ads campaign. All in all, help promote our workshops.

MM and will try this for a year and through the coming months meet up to see how this partnership is coming along. 

The future goals?

  • To have video and marketing campaigns for all our workshops.
  • Find a long term sustainable solution around the two ticketing systems.
  •'s end goal would be for MM to do everything via them instead of stager. 

Where can I find documents?

 The previous documents can be found: MM Network - File01 - Kantoor - Stichting - Programma - Workshops - MM x