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Elise Chalcraft - Aquaponics Assistant Picture taken in Norway whilst working and sailing with InTheSameBoat (NGO) cleaning the Norwegian coast of marine pollution. Elise Chalcraft

I am a current MSc student at Queen's University Belfast studying Leadership for Sustainable Development. I have lived in the Netherlands for the past4 years having completed my BSc in Sociology and Urban Studies at Erasmus University College, Rotterdam. 

I am fundamentally curious about unpacking social norms and habits to see where improvements and behaviours shifts can be made to be more sustainable holistically. Coming from a Liberal Arts & Science background, I use multiple perspectives and backgrounds to solve problems and offer interdisciplinary solutions. 

I am originally from Somerset, U.K. but have lived in Switzerland most of my life. I speak English and French fluently, German B2 level, and a basic understanding of Dutch and Italian. In my free time I love going to the cinema and going on long walks in the countryside. A secret talent would be my ability to unicycle and that I competed in the Quidditch World Cup in Florence representing the Netherlands! 

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