Zedz workshop

Coffin for your beloved

Together with the relatives Zedz designs a coffin that expresses the individuality of the loved one.


De voorbeeld-kist van Zedz. -


The deceased person is the central focus for Zedz when he designs a coffin. It is important to him to make a coffin that is meant especially for this person. That is why he takes the time to listen to the wishes of the surviving relatives. After that, he will get to work with the relatives. Together they can discuss his level of involvement.

Zedz's recent work consists mostly out of geometric-abstract typography. In this work he gives expression to 'what lies behind' the canvas or material. For his example-coffin, Zedz placed his own name on the cover. When designing a coffin for someone else, Zedz would like to to be able to practice his artistic freedom.

Zedz is a spraypaint-graffiti artist and graphic designer. In the late '80s he became well-known for his extraordinary street art. In 1998 Zedz graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. He was one of the first to combine graffiti art with architecture, together with Delta en MUA (Maurer United Architects). Nowadays Zedz works as an independent and commercial artist. In 2008 he built an urban sculpture / visitors center for the Names Fest in Prague.

For more information on the Coffin for your Beloved workshop, please contact Michel Langendijk or Tanja Baudoin of Mediamatic, 020-6389901. After office hours you can reach Michel Langendijk at 06-40963010.